Park Rijk: Space for ambition

The enterprising mind sees chances, smells opportunities and senses when the time is right to change course. It knows when to seek out greater scope to develop and grow. Park Rijk is a place where the senses are stimulated and dreams become reality. A truly pleasant environment in which to grow, as an organization and an individual. Our landscaped parkland, with its impressive water features, allows you to enjoy all four seasons in a great business location with a professional management team and easy access to key transport links.


Park Rijk is extremely easy to reach, with a central location close to major roads and public transport. And for efficient international connections, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is right on our doorstep.

Several motorways converge close to the park, providing fast routes in all directions: the A4 (Amsterdam-Schiphol-Leiden-The Hague-Rotterdam), A44 (The Hague-Wassenaar), A5 (Haarlem-Hoofddorp) and A9 (Alkmaar-Amsterdam). A new junction on the A4 and the recent upgrading of the N201 link road have improved local traffic flows, further enhancing our strategic positioning at the heart of the Dutch economy.

By car, the airport is just seven minutes away and Amsterdam city centre a 15-minute journey. Other major cities, including Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam, are also an easy drive.

Schiphol and Hoofddorp stations are seven to ten minutes away, with good bus links direct to Park Rijk. An express bus service linking Haarlem, Schiphol and Aalsmeer also stops nearby. This uses a dedicated bus lane to avoid traffic congestion.

  • A4 Amsterdam-Schiphol-Leiden-The Hague-Rotterdam

    A44 The Hague-Wassenaar

    A5 Haarlem-Hoofddorp

    A9 Alkmaar-Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
    7 minutes
  • Amsterdam City Centre
    15 minutes
  • Schiphol and Hoofddorp stations
    7 – 10 minutes


As soon as you drive into Park Rijk, you are struck by its beautifully landscaped and well-maintained parkland setting. To keep that scenery pristine, parking is strictly controlled and is prohibited on public roads. But we provide plenty of alternatives, including indoor car parks across the site. There is never any problem finding a space close to your workplace. In many cases, your visitors can park right in front of your office.


Park Rijk provides an inspiring environment in which to work and do business. Many leading Dutch and international companies are already based here. If you choose to join them in giving your ambitions the space they need, you will find yourself in excellent company. Find out more about the local and international organizations at Park Rijk.


Park Rijk has a long history. It was once a lake, Haarlemmermeer, which formed in the sixteenth century when three smaller lakes burst their banks and merged into one. “The Water Wolf”, as it was known in those days, lived up to its nickname, regularly overflowing and flooding the surrounding land. The village of Rijk often fell prey to the “wolf”, on two occasions being swept away altogether. It was only finally tamed in the nineteenth century, when the lake was drained. That paved the way for developments including Schiphol Airport, and Park Rijk, in which the name of the old village lives on.


With their spacious design, most of the office buildings at Park Rijk are suitable for both single-tenant and multi-tenant occupation. Contact us for a viewing, with no obligation. You will be glad you did!